Creating an Automation

What’s Automation?

On Automate you can set up automated jobs to export data into an external application, such as Google Sheets or a Google Big Query dataset. 

The data to be exported can be either an output table from a model built in Y42 or a table from a data source connected via a Y42 integration.

Watch the following video for a more comprehensive overview on Automate:

Adding an Automation to your Y42

  1. Click on Automate in the left main navigation bar
  2. Click on Add… and choose the destination to which you would like to export your data. You can search for a specific application or file format in the search bar on the top left.


  3. Depending on your automation choice, you’ll go through an authorization flow (OAuth with Google Sheets or Service account JSON key with Big Query).
  4. Select table to be exported -- this can be an output table from a model or a table from a connected data source.
  5. Select a file as destination, or a dataset in case you’re exporting it to Big Query.
  6. Once the Status is Ready, the automation is finished and the table has been successfully exported.


Adding your Automation to an Orchestrate DAG


  1. Create a DAG inside your Orchestrate by clicking on Auto Generate Automation
  2. Click on Commit Changes.
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