Adding Users to Your Organization

As Y42 is a highly collaborative platform, adding users is the basis of your data discovery process.

ℹ️ Note: In order to add new users to your platform, you have to be an Owner or Manager of the organization.

Step by Step :

  1. In the main navigation, click on the Admin tab.
  2. In the top right corner, click Add... .
  3. To invite new users into your platform, enter their first name, last name, and Email.
  4. Assign them a role. You have the choice between the following User Roles:

    Owner has permission to all resources and organization settings
    Manager has access to all resources but no organization settings
    Creator they need to be assigned to have permissions to access and edit resources, they can also create new resources
    View Member can only view resources, they have to be assigned to have permission to access a resource
  5. Click Save to send out a mail. The new user will receive a mail with the login instructions.


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