How to write a good support ticket?

To ensure that you get a response on your support request as soon as possible, we've written down simple rules so you can equip us with all necessary information so we can resolve your issue as fast as possible.

To resolve your issue or answer your question as quick as possible, ideally we have the same information as you have. In order to approximate this state, you can answer these questions to provide as much context as possible:

  1. What did you wanted to do? (If possible write down the steps to re-create your issue and add all relevant informations such as type of integration, table name, column name, UI or SQL model)
  2. Describe what is not working
  3. Why is this important for you? (If possible please provide information about urgency)

Please also provide a link to your integration, model or orchestration. Alternatively, you can also provide the job_id of the failed job. In some cases a screenshot or screen recording is helpful. If this is possible for you, please include such material to help us understand your issue.


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