Introduction to Canvas Sidebar

Working with data at Y42 has never been so collaborative and creative as it is right now. In Model, Orchestrate, and Data Lineage, we recently released Canvas Sidebar to encourage teamwork as well as facilitate knowledge sharing within your organization in a more efficient, scalable, and cooperative way

Canvas Sidebar Functionality

With Canvas Sidebar Y42 users can:

  • Highlight and draw attention to the most important parts or elements of the schema through shapes, sticky notes, and emojis.
  • Communicate data efficiently with text fields.
  • Reveal implicit relationships between parts of the schema through connectors and arrows.
  • Create personalized reports and export the whole canvas as .png files to further share with relevant stakeholders.



Y42 Canvas Sidebar has different elements:

  • Select - turns on editing mode for relocating objects within a working field.
  • Shapes - elements that enable highlighting of important parts of the schema.
  • Connectors - elements that help to communicate relationships and dependencies between objects.
  • Text - fields that allow users to leave comments and notes.
  • Draw - freehand pen for more flexible and creative shapes.
  • Upload image - function for sharing images such as icons, logos, and memes.
  • Sticky notes - an easy way for leaving notes for others or yourself.
  • Group nodes - for clustering nodes that relate to the same group.
  • Attention node - an element that draws the attention of everyone to a certain part of the schema.
  • (More) Show grid - for changing a layout.
  • (More) Snap objects - for attaching or anchoring objects on certain positions of a layout
  • (More) Download as PNG - for creating and sharing reports with other stakeholders. Available in two modes: full schema view and a screen view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To efficiently work with the Canvas, we allowed for some main keyboard shortcuts:

MacOS / Windows Commands


Shift + Zoom (+/-)

Resizing of the Canvas screen

Command + X / Ctrl + X (or delete key button)

Delete a selected object

Command + Shift + Z / Ctrl + Y

Redo the previous command

Command + Z / Ctrl + Z

Undo the previous command

Command + C / Ctrl + C

Copy a Canvas object

Command + V / Ctrl + V

Paste a Canvas object

Shift + Resizing Object’s Frame

Resizing of a Canvas object while preserving the aspect ratio

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