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Sign up to our Y42 Slack community for discussions, networking, and ideas around business intelligence and analytics. It’s a free community dedicated to helping you work in and around Y42. In this community, you will find discussions about best practices and guidance and opportunities to exchange learnings and solutions within the Y42 platform.

As a community, we trust everyone will behave in appropriate manners. By taking part in our community, you are agreeing to comply with our guidelines:

First things first

  • Enter your full name. This community will work best if we are all real humans, but feel free to add a custom “display name”
  • Add a headline in the “what I do” box (can be “title @ company” or anything that helps people know who they are chatting with)
  • Add a profile photo
  • Introduce yourself in the #town-hall channel

Then, please comply with the following rules

  1. Be considerate and respectful - We are an inclusive community and strive to be friendly, patient, and welcoming. Y42 is dedicated to encouraging diversity and creating a welcoming and secure environment for all members of our community. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. If you believe someone is violating our guidelines, please send our admin team an email.
  2. Do not pitch your products or services in our Slack. This Slack is not intended to be lead generation for vendors or recruiters.
  3. Use threads - In order to create clarity and to reduce clutter, please use threads. In that way we can keep conversations coherent.
  4. Use the right channel - another way to keep conversations coherent and clear is to post questions and discuss topics in the right channel. We have different channels each with a specific purpose. Currently, our community includes these channels:
    • #announcements - Community-wide announcements and discussion
    • #questions-and-answers - The place to ask anything about working in Y42
    • #tools - The place to ask anything about working around Y42
    • #town-hall - The place to introduce yourself and post any other questions or to start a discussion
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