📊 Outcome: Integrate Shopify to Y42

🕑 Estimated Time: ~15min



To connect your Shopify account to Y42, you need to do following steps in Shopify first:

    1. You need access to a Shopify account with access permissions for "Apps" and "Private apps"
    2. Create a private app 
    3. Set the permissions for this app. Please grand following permissions for the app in order to get full utilization possibilities:
        • Read access:
            • Analytics
            • Customers
            • Discounts
            • Marketing events
            • Products
            • Product listings
            • Orders
            • Shopify Payments accounts
            • Shopify Payments bank accounts
            • Shopify Payments disputes
            • Shopify Payments payout
    4. Create the private app

Integrate Shopify

To add Shopify as a new integration to Y42 please go to our platform and

    1. Open Integrate
    2. Click Add and select "Shopify"
    3. Give this integration a name (example: "Shopify-US", "Shopify-Brand XYZ")
    4. Connect your Shopify Account with Y42 by entering the credentials from your private app and select a historical start date and click on Connect.
    5. Once your Shopify account is connected you can select the tables, that you want to import; for our beginner's guide use case we need the table orders

    6. Once you click 'Import' the table is getting loaded

Video Explanation


Additional Ressources

 API Documentation

 Raw Data Guide


Next Step ➡️:

2.2 Clean and prepare your order data for dashboards and reports



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