Klaviyo Raw Data Guide

This guide shows you how to use the raw data coming from this specific data source APIs, so we can support you achieve your reporting needs. In this guide, some recommendations are provided as well as examples of use cases for the most commonly used fields. If you’d like to dig deeper into the raw data from each API, we recommend you to refer to our integrations documentation which provides links to each API documentation. For more guidance on how to build your reports and BI metrics, please inquire us about the Beginners Journey, Data Modelling Guide, Marketing Attribution and/or BI Metrics Guide.

Note: There may be several ways to achieve the use cases that has been indicated below, but these columns are the ones commonly used for most of the use cases we've encountered.


Most Used Tables

Table Name



Returns a list of all received emails by the recipient.


Returns a list of all opened emails by the recipient.


Returns a list of all the campaigns you've created. The campaigns are returned in reverse sorted order by the time they were created.


Most Used Fields

Column Name


Use Cases

Table Name

id The ID of the email event or campaign It can be used for joining information from different tables All tables
uuid universally unique identifier It can be used to count unique examples, for instance Receive, Open
person object where you can extract customer email to match with orders It allows to perform more advanced analysis based on the receiver characteristics, for instance a open rate breakdown by country or cities. Receive, Open
datetime/ sent_at A datetime value that indicates when the event ocurred It can be used by breaking down metrics by a time period or create weekly or month averages, for instance All tables
timestamp A timestamp that indicates when an email has been received or opened It can be used by breaking down metrics by a time when the event occurred All tables
event_name Indicate the type of event It can be used for segmenting the events to generate metrics such as bounce rates, open rate, conversion, etc. Receive, Open
event_properties object where you extract info like url or klavyio flow name JSON extraction node can be used here to extract more information on each event, such as email domain, OS, email subject, and so on. Receive, Open
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