Outbrain Ads template

In this guide, you'll find the JSON file for the Outbrain Ads modeling template and a step-by-step guide on how to implement it. Please check out the templates introduction guide to learn how to add a data modeling template in Y42.


In order to use this template, please make sure to add two Outbrain integrations. The first Outbrain integration will include campaign metrics data and the second will include high level campaign-related info.

To implement this template, please ensure that you have selected exactly these tables and columns inside your first Outbrain integration:

 Table name  Column name
  • campaignid
  • clicks
  • conversions
  • conversionrate
  • cpa
  • ctr
  • fromdate
  • ecpc
  • impressions
  • spend

The second Outbrain integration should include this table and columns:

 Table name  Column name


  • budget
  • campaignonair
  • cpc
  • enabled
  • id
  • marketerid
  • name
  • onairreason



Data lineage


Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a new model.
  2. Name it stg_outbrain_ads.
  3. Import the JSON file stg_outbrain_ads.
  4. Replace the INPUT node with your actual Outbrain Ads input table from the two Outbrain integrations.
  5. Commit the model.

Please find the template JSON file down below ⬇️

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