Input and Output Functions

Data models are comprised of inputs, transformations, and outputs. In this article, we will go over the basic structure without going into detail about the specific transformations. 

  1. Import a table by dragging and dropping the Input type into the middle. You can add as many input tables as you want to.

  2. Click on each input added and assign them a data source table you have already added (you can always change the data source assigned to an input), then click Apply.

  3. Now that you have the raw data imported into your model, you can drag and drop the transformations close to the inputs. The model elements will automatically connect. Alternatively, you can connect them by manually creating a link between the nodes:

    Tip: Manually connecting the nodes like this is a good practice especially when your data blend becomes more complex.


  4. Click on the element to input the necessary information and settings.

  5. After you're done transforming your raw data, drag and drop the Output element to the transformation path and click Commit Model to create your new output. You can create as many outputs as you would like for each transformation path.

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