Working with URL Parameters

In order to create a highly customized experience for your survey participants you can use skip logic alongside with URL Parameters. Click Implementing Skip Logic to find out more about Skip Logic first if you haven't already. URL Parameters are fixed variables we use to determinate which questions are showed to the participants. Let's suppose that you have targets of different groups based on gender, city, and level of education, to show the survey. Considering that the generic questions involve all types of groups and you already know that today you are doing the survey to women in a university in Toronto and tomorrow you will ask men in a high school in Vienna you might want to directly show them the questions related to them. Also, you might already gather this or other information about the customer through your website, for instance, you could redirect a new customer of your E-Commerce-Shop to a survey URL specifically for new customers. Here is how you do it:

  1. In Y42 Survey at the Builder Tab, create the first questions.
  2. Add New URL Parameters depending on how you want to personalize the survey. For instance, you could add the parameters "gender", "new_customer", or "education".


  3. Go to the Skip Logic tab and select a question you want to apply conditions onto.
  4. Click the Add Logic Jump button that appears. Alongside with other conditions we covered in the Skip Logic Article, you can apply URL parameters as conditions. For example, you can add the condition that the gender = F (female) And education = High and/or city = Toronto. 


  5. Click the Apply button.
  6. Turn on the Enable Skip Logic button and the preview URL parameters button inside the survey preview on the right.


  7. Add the values you need for each parameter and click apply.
  8. Copy the whole URL and paste it into a browser (make sure you have turned on the live mode of the survey in the share/embed section) or link it to the filtered survey in any way you would like. The whole URL will work as a filter of the general survey by showing based on the conditions you applied only the questions containing those parameters.
  9. Save the survey.
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