Performing a Regression

A regression allows you to find out what influences and drives a variable you're interested in. You can easily find out how a change in the independent variables influence your dependent one and if these influences are significant.


  1. At the top center in the Statistics Charts menu, click on the Regression icon.

  2. Choose a dependent variable you're interested in decomposing. Drag and drop the variable into the Dependent Variable box.

  3. Choose one or multiple independent variables you are interested in. Drag and drop them into the Independent Columns box to explore their relationship with your dependent variable.

  4. By default, a linear regression will be executed. To change the transformation, click on the drop-down menu and choose a z-, log-, linear or 1-10-transformation.

  5. You can change the significance level to 1 or 10% by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top right.

Once you're regression is created on the right-hand side, you can extract important measures such as your R-Squared, each variable's significance or coefficient. The colors indicate whether your independent variables are positively, negatively, or not significant to your dependent variable.

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