Adding conditions to your questions

Implementing Skip Logic into your survey allows you to personalize your survey depending on the answers your customer gives you. That way, you can make sure to only ask your customers the most relevant questions and capture each customer's individual experience.

  1. In Y42 Survey at the Builder Tab, create first questions.
  2. Go to the Skip Logic Tab.
  3. Select a question you want to apply conditions to. For example, you could ask your customers different questions depending on their age.
  4. Click the Add Logic Jump button that appears.
  5. Apply "if" conditions based on this question and/or other questions prior to this one.

Based on the type of the question, you can choose from the following operators to set up your condition:

  • text question type: is equal, is not equal, is one of, starts with, ends with, contains
  • number question type: is equal, is not equal, is one of, is less than, is between
  • date or date time question type: is between, is before, is after

In this case, you would want to add a Logic Jump to your open number question "age": If age is under 30, go to the multiple choice question "occupation_under_30". If this does not apply, go to another question By default. You can add additional AND / OR conditions by clicking the green + .



Testing Skip Logic:

  1. Turn on the skip logic mode by clicking the button inside the preview of the questions in the right.
  2. Try out the flow of questions with the implemented logic.
  3. Save the survey.
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