Performing a Driver Analysis

A driver analysis allows you to properly understand what drives an important metric. It shows you how important each of your drivers are and how well you are currently doing. It then recommends which drivers are low gain, critical fixes, to be maintained or to be leveraged and expanded.


  1. At the top center in the Statistics Charts menu, click on the Driver Analysis icon.

  2. Choose a variable you want to decompose into drivers. For example, you might be interested in what drives your NPS. Drag and drop your dependent variable into the Dependent Variable box.

  3. Then, add drivers you think are interesting for your dependent variable. For instance, is your NPS mostly driven by your shop experience, your product quality, or your delivery time? Drag and drop these measures into the Drivers box.

Your chart will be created on the right. It plots your drivers on a chart with the x-axis Performance and the y-axis Importance. According to where your drivers are situated on this chart, Datos will actually recommend how you should proceed handling these drivers in order to improve your dependent variable.

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